Platzer N.A.J., Gould R.F. (eds.)'s Copolymers, Polyblends, and Composites PDF

By Platzer N.A.J., Gould R.F. (eds.)

ISBN-10: 0841202141

ISBN-13: 9780841202146

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C. ,f the weight of x 0-001251 gram. c. c. of nitroExample. , 0=13-5 mm. 40 weight of the gas, therefore, = 0-00808 gram, and = is x 7-1 x 273 x 89 The 0-001251 the percentage of nitrogen 3-59. Will and Varrentrap's Method depends on the fact already stated, that many nitrogenous organic substances, when heated with caustic alkalies, are decomposed in such a 2. * Some following of the values of t= w= When w which are most frequently required are the : 10 12 14 16 18" 20 9-14 10-43 11-88 13-51 15-33 17-36 the apparatus shown in mm.

The water tube and the to potash bulbs are then disconnected, their ends closed with the india-rubber caps, and allowed to stand for about two hours to cool thoroughly, when they are again weighed. * The percentage of carbon and hydrogen therefore be calculated. may Example. 0-1582 gram of substance gave on combustion 0-0614 gram of and 0-3620 gram of C0 2 ; therefore, 2 H 0-1582 gram of substance contains 0-0614 x 1/9 = 0-0068 gram of hydrogen, and 0-3620x3/11 = 0-0987 gram of carbon, so that 100 parts of the substance contain , 4-31 parts oi hydrogen, and = U- 0-0987 x 100 co = 62-40 IKQQ LDoZ , .

Chemical Methods. In the case of organic will acids, the analysis of a salt of the acid is often of value ; the silver salt is generally employed for this purpose, a weighed quantity being ignited in a porcelain crucible, when complete decom- position ensues, and a residue of pure silver is obtained. DEDUCTION OP A FORMULA. The percentage composition Example. H = 6-69, = 39-95, is therefore CH 2 0. = 53-36; its 33 an organic acid empirical formula is of was prepared; 0-2960 gram on ignition 0-1620 gram of silver, so that 0-1620 x 100 ,, K Its silver salt of the pure salt gave = 54-73.

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