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By P. Schmelcher, L. S. Cederbaum, U. Kappes (auth.), E. S. Kryachko, J. L. Calais (eds.)

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The rivers run into the ocean, but the ocean isn't really complete Ecclesiastes what's quantum chemistry? the easy resolution is that it's what quan­ tum chemists do. however it needs to be admitted, that during distinction to physicists and chemists, "quantum chemists" appear to be a slightly ill-defined type of scientists. Quantum chemists are roughly physicists (basically theoreticians), kind of chemists, and through huge, computationists. yet at the start, we, quantum chemists, are wide awake beings. We may perhaps adequately bet that quantum chemistry was once one of many first parts within the normal sciences to lie at the barriers of many disciplines. We may well definitely declare that quantum chemists have been the 1st to take advantage of pcs for rather huge scale calculations. The scope of the issues which quantum chemistry needs to respond to and which, via its particular nature, merely quantum chemistry can simply resolution is transforming into day-by-day. Retrospectively we may well wager that a lot of these difficulties meet an everyday desire, or are say, technical in a few experience. the remainder are basic or conceptual. The lifestyle of such a lot quantum chemists is mostly full of greedy the roughly technical difficulties. however it is no less than as vital to dedicate it slow to the opposite form of difficulties whose resolution will open up new views for either quantum chemistry itself and for the normal sciences in general.

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Its final form consists of a pure center of mass part, a part which describes the internal motion and a coupling term which represents the interaction between the collective and internal motion. In contrast to the case of a neutral system this coupling term is a Stark term which contains a rapidly oscillating internal electric field. A real mutual interaction between the center of mass and internal motion, therefore, takes place only in the case of charged molecular systems. One of the cornerstones of molecular physics and quatum chemistry in the fieldfree case is the Born-Oppenheimer approximation.

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If the electronic state 'I'a (0) is energetically well-separated from all other electronic states 'I'~ (0) (~* a) we have only a small contribution of these states to the eigenfunction 'I'a (e) for small 0. In this case the third term in eq. (S. 7) can be neglected and the first and second term determine the sign of the second derivative of the energy with respect to 0. For states with a negative magnetic quantum number Ma< 0 we obtain for arbitrary field strengths and over a wide range of internuclear distances a positive second derivative.

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