Ronald G. Silver, John E. Sawyer, Jerry C. Summers's Catalytic Control of Air Pollution. Mobile and Stationary PDF

By Ronald G. Silver, John E. Sawyer, Jerry C. Summers

ISBN-10: 0841213518

ISBN-13: 9780841213517

ISBN-10: 0841224552

ISBN-13: 9780841224551

content material: Catalyst applied sciences to satisfy destiny emission requisites for light-duty autos / Jerry C. Summers and Ronald G. Silver --
Methane oxidation over noble steel catalysts as with regards to controlling average fuel automobile exhaust emissions / S.H. Oh, P.J. Mitchell, and R.M. Siewart --
automobile catalyst concepts for destiny emission platforms / W. Burton Williamson, Jerry C. Summers, and John A. Scaparo --
Experimental comparability between hydrocarbons and oxygenated compounds for his or her removing via three-way automobile catalysts / J.M. Bart, A. Pentenero, and M.F. Prigent --
Steady-state isotopic brief kinetic research research of CO-O₂ and CO-NO reactions over a advertisement car catalyst / Rachid Oukaci ... [et al.] --
Particle measurement and aid results in NO adsorption on version Pt and Rh catalysts / G. Zafiris, S.I. Roberts, and R.J. Gorte --
impact of Ce on functionality and physicochemical houses of Pt-containing car emission keep watch over catalysts / J.G. Numan, Ronald G. Silver, and S.A. Bradley --
The 1990 fresh Air Act and catalytic emission keep watch over expertise for desk bound resources / Jerry C. Summers, John E. Sawyer, and A.C. Frost --
Selective catalytic relief of nitric oxide with ammonia over supported and unsupported vanadia catalysts / U.S. Ozkan, Y. Cai, and M.W. Kumthekar --
Catalytic oxidation of hint concentrations of trichloroethylene over 1.5 % platinum on [gamma]-alumnina / Yi Wang, Henry Shaw, and Robert J. Farrauto --
Catalytic oxidation of trichloroethylene over PdO catalyst on [gamma]-Al₂O₃ / Tai-Chiang Yu, Henry Shaw, and Robert J. Farrauto --
Thermal decomposition of halogenated hydrocarbons on a Cu(111) floor / Jong-Liang Lin and Brian E. Bent.

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Close-coupled catalyst emissions during hot start were still only about 20% of the Escort emissions. Similar results are shown for the 30 and 50 mph testing. At the high conversion levels, little distinction could be made of a preferred technology since they were both comparable for methanol/formaldehyde emissions and durability considerations were not addressed. Vehicle System Effects Light-off Performance. Catalyst light-off performance is strongly related to A / F and improves dramatically over noble metal catalysts upon moving from rich to lean A / F ratios(27).

These problems have now largely been overcome and a variety of high performance Pd/Rh catalyst technologies are currently being introduced into the marketplace. On the positive side, Pd has well-known durability performance advantages relative to Pt: in oxidizing environments, it is considerably more resistant to sintering than Pt(24,27). For Pd/Rh and Pt/Rh catalysts at identical loadings that were aged under five different high temperature aging cycles, Figure 4(11) illustrates the differences in conversion at the stoichiometric point between the aged catalyst pairs.

Increasing Ce loadings (at constant total washcoat loadings) significantly improves the NOx and CO conversions at 550°C with only a slight effect on H C oxidation. The improved NOx conversions result from less thermal deactivation of Rh, which occurs during high-temperature lean aging and has been attributed to strong Rh-alumina interactions(17,18). During cyclic operation around the exhaust gas stoichiometric point, additional CO can be removed by the watergas shift reaction over Pt( 19,20) and Rh(19).

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