British Napoleonic Artillery 1793-1815 Field Artillery - download pdf or read online

By Chris Henry

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ISBN-13: 9781311764768

This identify is the 1st of 2 volumes reading the artillery apparatus of the British forces throughout the progressive and Napoleonic Wars, besides Wellington's campaigns in India. all through this era the British military used either Foot and Horse artillery, largely utilizing both the 9-pounder gun or the 5.5 inch box howitzer within the box. additionally lined are the smaller box weapons within the three- and 6-pounder different types and the most important, the 12-pounder box gun. This name covers the layout and improvement of the weapons, the organization of the troops and their operational histories.

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The daily ration on average per division was for two shells per gun. As the great Red Army drive gathered momentum, more towns and villages fell to the onrushing forces. Suicidal opposition from a few SS and Wehrmacht strong points bypassed in earlier attacks reduced buildings to blasted rubble. Everywhere it seemed the Germans were being constantly forced to retreat. Many isolated units spent hours or even days fighting a bloody defence. Russian soldiers frequently requested them to surrender and assured them that no harm would come to them if they did so.

In some areas of the front there were good defensive lines comprising mazes of intricate blockhouses and trenches. Towns that fell in the path of these defensive belts were evacuated. Thousands of women, children and old men were removed from their dwellings and some were actually pressed into service to help construct massive anti-tank ditches and other obstacles. A typical strongpoint deployed along the front during the last weeks of 1944 contained MG 34 and MG 42 machine guns on light and heavy mountings, anti-tank rifle company or battalion, a sapper platoon that was equipped with a host of various explosives, infantry guns, anti-tank artillery company which had a number of anti-tank guns, and occasionally a self-propelled gun.

It reveals how the remnants of Hitler’s once vaunted force were hurled back into a devastated Reich and ordered to wage an unprecedented war of attrition against an overwhelming foe. Along the River oder where the German soldier stood on the fringes of the Reich capital they were ordered to fight a series of colossal blood-thirsty battles in a desperate attempt to hold the disintegrating front. It reveals in detail, accompanied by extensive in-depth captions, how the Germans were slowly driven from their decimated positions and forced to fight, being pushed further west until they stood fighting in the rubble strewn streets of Berlin.

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