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The flame temperature and the distance of the fiber from the flame needs to be carefully controlled. 5-2/zm) rather than a 26 I ENZYME MEASUREMENTS, NO DETECTION, AND TISSUE LOCALIZATION short taper, a geometry that aids in implantation and increases the active surface area. The tip (length 2-6/~m) is the only part of the carbon fiber where electrochemical processes can occur. For the sensor to be implanted into a cell, this length must be less than the cell thickness. The unsharpened end of the fiber is attached to a copper wire lead with silver epoxy cement.

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E. Wilcox, and R. P. Smith, Toxicol. Appl. Pharmacol. 128, 123 (1994). [2] Electrochemical and Spectroscopic Methods of Nitric Oxide Detection Tadeusz Malinski, Eugeniusz Kubaszewski, and Frederick Kiechle Introduction In this chapter spectroscopic, spectrometric, and electrochemical methods are described for the measurement of nitric oxide (NO) in single cells, tissues, and biological fluids. The measurement of the concentration of NO is a challenging problem due to the short half-life of NO in biological systems (1, 2).

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