New PDF release: Basileus: The Evidence for Kingship in Geometric Greece

By Robert Drews

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If a pupil needs to create an image of a contemporary society in all its features, there's little of what he must comprehend that he can't recognize, even supposing there should still be a lot that he can't comprehend. For the heritage of Greece and Rome, there's a good deal that's easily unknowable. From the top of the archaic age of Greece, there's an unbroken series of works via Greek and, later, Roman historians all the way down to the top of antiquity.

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With the silver mines at Laurium also at his disposal, his rule rested on as firm a financial footing as could be imagined, which gave him the resources to fund his numerous projects. As well as adding to the agora and creating a better water supply system based on the well of the Enneakrounos, Peisistratus oversaw the growth in Athens from what could be described as no more than an overgrown village to a flourishing and beautiful city. Peisistratus’s legacy of centralization led to Attica and Athens becoming synonymous, and it has been argued that the real founder of synoika was not Theseus but Peisistratus.

C. to Greece to assist Sparta against the Boeotians. Athens, which hitherto had been overtly hostile to him, voted him a crown and granted both him and his family citizenship. , Dionysius also invaded western Sicily and besieged Lilybaeum. However, his fleet was captured at Drepana and, once again, he decided to agree to a peace. The following year, his play The Ransom of Hector won the prize at the Lenaea in Athens, and perhaps due to his pleasure at this outcome, he concluded a defense treaty (though his death prevented it from ever being implemented).

Either way, Aristotle wrote specifically about aisymnetes and Pittakos centuries later: “As well as these two kinds of monarchy, there was also a third, called aisymnetes, which existed among the Greeks of ancient times. This can be described in simple terms as an elective tyranny, which differs from the barbarian type of kingship not by being in opposition to the law but only in not being ancestral. Some of these rulers kept their power throughout their lives, others until certain stated times or events.

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