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By T. E. Graedel

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This useful reference examines the constitution and houses of the ambience, together with listings of compounds in clouds, fog, rain, snow, and ice; an inventory of compounds detected within the stratosphere; and a compendium of compounds in indoor air. An advent to carcinogenicity and bioassay of atmospheric compounds is usually provided. Readers will locate the vast cross-referencing specifically useful--compounds should be situated by way of chemical variety, identify, CAS registry quantity, or resource.

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Typhimurium, Plate test, Strain TA1535 STP37 5. typhimurium, Plate test, Strain TA1537 STP38 5. typhimurium, Plate test, Strain TA1538 STP98 S. typhimurium, Plate test, Strain TA98 STSOO S. typhimurium, Spot test, Strain TA100 STS35 S. typhimurium, Spot test, Strain TA1535 STS37 S. typhimurium, Spot test, Strain TA1537 STS38 S. typhimurium, Spot test, Strain TA1538 STS98 S. typhimurium, Spot test, Strain TA98 STUOO S. typhimurium, Suspension test, Strain TA100 STU35 S. typhimurium, Suspension test, Strain TA1535 STU37 S.

3-1. ) to a nucleotide BPS, CLI, IGD Arylation Covalent bonding of an aryl group FS Intercalation "Wedging" of the compound into the DNA helix FS Base Pair Base-pairing errors due to mispairing BPS Metaphase Poisons Interfere with spindle formation and disrupts the migration and segregation of chromosomes Aneuploidy Deamination Removal of an amine group (NH ) from cytosine, guanine or adenine BPS Enzyme Inhibition Interferes with biosynthesis of purines or pyrimidines and interfere with repair Enhances all types of mutation 3 Analog Incorporation 2 3 2 * Summarized from Mailing and Wassom.

Conversely, in a substantial number of cases relevant laboratory work remains to be performed. The structural and chemical similarity of many systems to other systems already studied often enables one to proceed by analogy, however, and such an approach is used freely throughout this volume to examine the probable fates of many of the atmospheric compounds. 0 Introduction Inorganic compounds consist of acids, bases, salts, and oxides of metals or nonmetals, together with the elements that comprise them and the ions* and radicals* derived from them.

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