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Via the mid 5th century B.C., Athens had develop into the main strong city-state in Greece: a wealthy democracy led by way of Pericles that boldly won keep an eye on of an empire. Athens's energy below Pericles was once the results of a posh interplay of occasions from the time of Cleisthenes. Fornara and Samons resolve the intricacies of the conflicting historical resources to teach how the improvement of either democracy and empire have been interdependent in Athens's multifaceted evolution. The authors hint and distinction 4 stands of improvement: the historical past of the Alcmeonid family members of Cleisthenes and Pericles, the character and improvement of Athenian democracy, the expansion of Athenian empire, and the burgeoning antagonism among Athens and Sparta. The clean viewpoint therefore afforded by way of this transparent presentation will intrigue people with pursuits in either historic economics and politics.The determine of Pericles is critical to all 4 avenues of inquiry. His determination to create the enmisthos polis marked a fateful flip. Henceforth the democracy and the empire presupposed one another. eventually, Pericles's regulations fueled Sparta's starting to be lack of confidence, leading to her announcement of warfare on Athens in 431 B.C. and Athens's eventual fall

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We do not believe, today, in the efficacy of curses, but if ever a case history existed of the isolation of a family of wealth and prestige that had incurred a dreadful curse, it is that of the Alcmeonids. A common thread unites the manifestations of their political virtuosity: the absence of fixed and reliable associations with the Athenian nobility. In this respect, one element of his family tradition fused with another, for the absence of common understanding with the nobility was reinforced by the record of the family in championing the demos.

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