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By John Thorley

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The 5th century BC witnessed not just the emergence of 1 of the 1st democracies, but additionally the Persian and the Peloponnesian Wars. John Thorley offers a concise research of the advance and operation of Athenian democracy by contrast backdrop. considering either fundamental resource fabric and the paintings of contemporary historians, Athenian Democracy examines:* the prelude to democracy* how the democractic method emerged* how the program labored in perform* the potency of the program of presidency* the luck of Athenian democracy.Including an invaluable chronology and blibliography, this moment variation has been up to date take into consideration fresh learn.

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They got the contract to rebuild the temple of Apollo at Delphi, seat of the famous oracle, and did the job in splendid fashion, using Parian marble where the contract specified limestone. They were then able to persuade the oracle (or more precisely the priests who interpreted the ecstatic utterances of the old woman prophetess) to instruct any Spartan visitor to the oracle to ‘free Athens’. Sparta was still governed by an ancient system in which two kings and a small council of aristocratic elders ruled the state, and they were in general supporters of aristocratic governments elsewhere, though they had been on friendly terms with the Peisistratid family.

Firstly, its membership was very carefully vetted. Kleisthenes restricted its membership, as we have seen, to those of zeugitai status and above, probably arguing that these classes had a financial interest in good government and also provided hoplites for the armies (thetes did not, though they served in the fleet), whilst 31 32 T H E D E M O C R AT I C S Y S T E M : K L E I S T H E N E S ’ R E F O R M S not representing the narrower interests of any one class or group. Anyone wishing to be put forward for membership of the Boule had to be approved first by his deme, and one can well imagine that demes were careful to select only those of known good sense who also had experience of local politics, and who were actually available to do the time-consuming job which demanded frequent attendance in Athens; and they probably favoured those who were well past 30.

Tribes put forward their lists of names for each magistracy (with numbers varying from nil to several), and lots for each magistracy were then drawn, not in this case in the Assembly, since there was nothing to vote on, but in the Sanctuary of Theseus, which was located somewhere to the east of the Acropolis, presided over by the six arkhons who were thesmothetai. These magistracies (mostly in the usual boards of ten) included several concerned with control of markets, with weights and measures, and specifically with the corn supply; several boards 41 42 T H E D E M O C R AT I C S Y S T E M : K L E I S T H E N E S ’ R E F O R M S to oversee various religious activities and festivals, including the upkeep of temples; a group of boards with various auditing functions to oversee the financial transactions of the state; and boards dealing with the maintenance of roads and with street cleaning, including control of dung collection and the removal of dead bodies from the streets.

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