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Referred to as through Plutarch ''the oldest and maximum of Alexander's successors,'' Antigonos the One-Eyed (382-301 BC) used to be the dominant determine throughout the first half the Diadoch interval, ruling lots of the Asian territory conquered through the Macedonians in the course of his ultimate two decades. Billows presents the 1st distinctive learn of this nice normal and administrator, constructing him as a key contributor to the Hellenistic monarchy and kingdom. After a winning profession lower than Philip and Alexander, Antigonos rose to strength over the Asian part of Alexander's conquests. Embittered via the chronic hostility of these who managed the eu and Egyptian elements of the empire, he attempted to dispose of those rivals, an ambition which ended in his ultimate defeat in 301. In a corrective to the traditional causes of his goals, Billows indicates that Antigonos used to be scarcely prompted by means of Alexander, trying to rule West Asia and the Aegean, instead of the complete of Alexander's Empire.

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XVIII 52, 1: Antigonos was at Kelainai at the beginning of spring 318); while there he interviewed Hieronymos of Kardia, Eumenes' envoy to Macedon, now on his way back, and sent him to Eumenes with an offer to forget the past and become allies (Diod. XVIII 50, 4; Plut. Eum. 12, 1). He also held a council of his friends to discuss plans for the future (Diod. [52] The First Diadoch War was thus at an end, but the death of Antipatros promised plenty of new conflicts, for neither Antigonos nor Antipatros's son Kassandros was inclined to accept Polyperchon as regent of the empire.

XVIII 52, 4–5 and 72, 2). Antigonos himself invaded Lydia, whose satrap, Kleitos, had already anticipated an attack by Antigonos and had, after establishing garrisons in the more important cities, sailed off to Macedon to accuse Antigonos to Polyperchon. In Kleitos's absence, Antigonos marched on Ephesos, which he took at the first assault with the aid of confederates in the city. While he was there a flotilla carrying six hundred talents of silver to Macedon under the command of Aischylos of Rhodes sailed into the harbor.

There followed some dissension in the army, with Peukestas reviving his claim to the leadership, but Eumenes overcame this new challenge by a clever trick and seized the opportunity he had thus created to secure himself further by two shifts. He arraigned Sibyrtios, one of Peukestas's main supporters, for treason, forcing ― 94 ― him to flee for his life; and he borrowed four hundred talents from the satraps. Thus he made the satraps fear to cross him, and he held their money hostage for their future loyalty (Diod.

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