An Introduction to Language Processing with Perl and Prolog: - download pdf or read online

By Pierre M. Nugues

ISBN-10: 354025031X

ISBN-13: 9783540250319

The components of ordinary language processing and computational linguistics have persisted to develop in recent times, pushed by means of the call for to instantly technique textual content and spoken information. With the processing energy and methods now on hand, learn is scaling up from lab prototypes to real-world, confirmed applications.This e-book teaches the rules of typical language processing, first masking linguistics concerns equivalent to encoding, entropy, and annotation schemes; defining phrases, tokens and elements of speech; and morphology. It then info the language-processing services concerned, together with part-of-speech tagging utilizing ideas and stochastic innovations; utilizing Prolog to write down phase-structure grammars; parsing concepts and syntactic formalisms; semantics, predicate good judgment and lexical semantics; and research of discourse, and purposes in conversation platforms. the most important characteristic of the ebook is the author's hands-on strategy all through, with broad routines, pattern code in Prolog and Perl, and a close advent to Prolog. The reader is supported with a spouse web site that comprises educating slides, courses, and extra material.The e-book is acceptable for researchers and scholars of common language processing and computational linguistics.

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Perfect, they now enable us to obtain exploitable results. Most use a limited set of techniques that we will consider throughout this book, namely finite-state automata, logic grammars, and first-order logic. These tools are easily implemented in Prolog. Another set of tools pertains to the theory of probability and statistics. The combination of logic and statistical techniques now enables us to parse running-text sentences with a success rate of nearly 90%, a figure that would have been unimaginable ten years ago.

The character class [Cc] is equivalent to the alternation C|c, which matches either C or c. A tentative expression could then be C|computer S|science. But it would not match the desired strings; it would find occurrences of either C, computer S, or science because of the operator precedence. We need parentheses to group the alternations (C|c)omputer (S|s)cience and thus match the four intended strings. The order of precedence of the three main operators union, concatenation, and closure is as follows: 1.

B b q2 ε c a q2 q1 q0 q1 q0 c a ε b q3 Fig. 8. B. initial state, as shown in Fig. 9. The new initial state enables us to obtain the empty string. ε b q2 c a q0 ε q0 q1 b q3 ε Fig. 9. The closure of A. The notation Σ ∗ designates the infinite set of all possible strings generated from the alphabet Σ. 3 Regular Expressions • • • • 35 The intersection of two automata A ∩ B that accepts all the strings accepted both by A and by B. If A = (Σ, Q1 , q1 , F1 , δ1 ) and B = (Σ, Q2 , q2 , F2 , δ2 ), the resulting automaton is obtained from the Cartesian product of states (Σ, Q1 × Q2 , q1 , q2 , F1 ×F2 , δ3 ) with the transition function δ3 ( s1 , s2 , i) = { t1 , t2 | t1 ∈ δ1 (s1 , i) ∧ t2 ∈ δ2 (s2 , i)}.

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An Introduction to Language Processing with Perl and Prolog: An Outline of Theories, Implementation, and Application with Special Consideration of English, French, and German by Pierre M. Nugues

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