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Maybe the main influential arm of both military within the prosecution of the yank Civil struggle, the artillery of either side grew to become hugely specialist corporations, centralizing their artillery, organizing artillery battalions from person batteries and giving their commanders better ranks than box artillerymen had formerly held. In conflict, the advent of the 12-pdr. Napoleon , heavily through rifled cannon, supplied a spread and tool formerly unknown on American soil. This publication info this important cog within the war-machine of each side. New leading edge 38 and forty also are to be had in one quantity designated version as ‘American Civil battle Artillery 1861-65’.

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44. 221 s being refuelled from a bowser. -= cop - ~ ;- - of the : e rote cted -=-- ~ :j es . -= - ~ ·~ h t ou r. =-_: lI ed from 45. 221 armoured cars in Tripoli during May 1941. 46. 232 6-wheeled armoured car. 47. 221 vehicles so ld to China. 48. 221 fitted with the 2cm sPZ B41 tapered-bore anti-tank gun. An interesting alteration is the cut­ away front turret. Th is view shows a vehicle without the wire-mesh ;J renade screens over the turret. '" ~;~ ,&,49 49. 221. Here the wire-mesh grenade screens have been fitted , but due to the alteration of the turret they differ somewhat from those of the parent vehicle.

223 in China. 84. 223 with the new vision ports arrangement. 85. 223 showing the armoured cowl over the radiator grille. 86. wg. 260 armoured wireless car. 87. wg. 221 hull and chassis. Not many of these vehicles were built. 38. 261 in operation in Russ ia. \-=­ \\ - \~\11~ 57 89 91T 89 . Later production model of ;: d. 222 hull and chassis. . Rear view of the same vehicle ... 'th aerial raised . 91 . 261 based ? 222 hull and chassis. 9-2 . Pkw. 247/1 d Rad) light armoured car. 93. Pkw. 247/1 ) y ihe frontal armoured shield and :::a r aerial.

Clutch : Single dry plate. Steering: Worm and sector steering device operating on front wheels only; no reverse steering facility. Brakes: Hydrau[ic footbrake acting on a[[ four wheels; handbrake acting on transmission. Chassis : Box-shaped frame. Suspension : Front wheels suspended on rigid , semi-ellip· tic leaf springs; two rear axles mutual[y interconnected , each having one spiral spring. 50 x 17 [ow-pressure, bul let-proof, cross-country tyres. Armour Hull : Nose, Bmm; glacis, 6mm; sides, 6mm; rear, 6mm : roof, open; floor, 5mm.

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