Alexander the Great: The Invisible Enemy: A Biography by J M O'Brien PDF

By J M O'Brien

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Regardless of Alexander the Great's unparalleled accomplishments, over the last seven years of his lifestyles, this indomitable warrior grew to become more and more unpredictable, sporadically violent, megalomaniacal, and suspicious of acquaintances in addition to enemies. What can have triggered one of these lamentable transformation?This biography seeks to respond to that question through assessing the function of alcohol in Alexander the Great's existence, utilizing the determine of Dionysus as a logo of its damaging results on his psyche. the original technique hired during this booklet explores a variety of points of Alexander's existence whereas holding an historic framework. The exposition of the most topic is dealt with in any such method that the biography will attract basic readers in addition to students.

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The king’s only “request” was for an alliance, and this was agreed to with bewilderment and relief. THE COMING OF AGE IN MACEDONIA 25 Philip may have been equally relieved, for his true objective in Greece was to establish a general peace that would enable him to march on Asia without concern about the threat of imminent rebellion in Europe, or the need to maintain a significant force there. His plan was to embark for Asia on a Panhellenic crusade with authorization from a league, which all Greek states would be “invited” to join.

Demaratus of Corinth, a diplomat, purchased the horse and presented him as a gift to Alexander. Until Bucephalas was 30 years old he carried his master into some of Alexander’s most celebrated battles. 30 the finest of all horses beneath the sun (Il. 266–7) Philip must have appeared impressive and admirable to his young son on the one hand, yet imperious and intimidating on the other. The king’s biting humor and jovial cynicism may have kept Alexander, as it had so many others, tentative and cautious when in his father’s presence.

404) Most of Olympias’ male contemporaries, however, found her to be overbearing. The Athenian orator Hyperides indicates that this could be true even at a distance. For instance, she wrote letters denouncing the Athenians for offering to make impressive enhancements to a temple at Dodona in her native Epirus. ”40 Her hectoring nettled Hyperides, and he made the observation that Olympias had donated a votive cup to the statue of a goddess in Athens, and that, after all, the Athenians had been commanded to undertake the renovations in question by Zeus himself through his oracle at Dodona.

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