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The goal of software research is to instantly be sure the p- perties of a application. instruments of software program improvement, resembling compilers, p- formance estimators, debuggers, reverse-engineering instruments, application veri?- tion/testing/proving platforms, software comprehension structures, and software specializationtoolsarelargelydependentonprogramanalysis. Advancedp- gram research can: support to ?nd software blunders; become aware of and song performan- serious code areas; verify assumed constraints on information aren't violated; tailor a established software to fit a speci?c software; reverse-engineer so- ware modules, and so on. A admired application research procedure is symbolic a- lysis, which has attracted large recognition for a few years because it isn't really depending on executing a application to envision the semantics of a software, and it could possibly yield very dependent formulations of many analyses. additionally, the complexity of symbolic research may be mostly autonomous of the enter facts measurement of a application and of the scale of the computer on which this system is being accomplished. during this publication we current novel symbolic keep watch over and information ?ow repres- tation ideas in addition to symbolic concepts and algorithms to investigate and optimize courses. application contexts which de?ne a brand new symbolic - scription of application semantics for keep watch over and information ?ow research are on the middle of our technique. now we have solved a few difficulties encountered in application research by utilizing software contexts. Our answer tools are e?cient, flexible, uni?ed, and extra normal (they focus on average and abnormal codes) than such a lot present methods.

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1. Contexts [s1 , t1 , p1 ] and [s6 , t6 , p6 ] are the start and end context of the procedure, respectively. At the time where ℓ1 is evaluated nothing may be known about the variable values of the procedure parameters, therefore, generic values are assumed. Similar considerations account for t1 and p1 which are set to true. 32 3. 1 Procedure ℓ1 : ℓ2 : ℓ3 : ℓ4 : ℓ5 : ℓ6 : ℓ7 : subroutine ADIFF(A,B,S) [s1 = {A = a, B = b, S = s}, t1 = true, p1 = true] if (A ≥ B) then [s2 = s1 , t2 = t1 , p2 = a ≥ b] S:=A-B [s3 = δ(s2 ; S = a − b), t3 = t2 , p3 = p2 ] else [s4 = s1 , t4 = t1 , p4 = a < b] S:=B-A [s5 = δ(s4 ; S = b − a), t5 = t4 , p5 = p4 ] end if [s6 = δ(s1 ; S = u), t6 = γ(a ≥ b; u = a − b; u = b − a), p6 = true] end subroutine The code segment in Ex.

In the next two statements ℓ2 and ℓ3 , field assignments are symbolically evaluated. For each statement a new put function is added to hp. In ℓ4 a list of qualifiers is used. The picture in Fig. 6 shows the allocated records and its pointer values after statement ℓ5 . Nil-references are marked by a special symbol. The last statement ℓ7 frees the first dynamic record in the tree which results in a memory leak. Note that a memory leak occurs as it is no longer possible to access the dynamic records.

Besides that, numerous researchers [20, 98, 44, 18, 102, 67, 71, 29] have reported on the occurrence of complex and even non-linear symbolic expressions in practical codes and the need for effective techniques to analyze such expressions. Non-linear symbolic expressions are commonly caused by induction variable substitution, linearizing arrays, parameterizing parallel programs with symbolic machine and problem sizes, tiling with symbolic block sizes, recurrences, and so forth. Symbolic expressions can seriously hamper crucial compiler and performance analyses including testing for data dependences, optimizing communication, array privatization, expression simplification, dead code elimination, detecting zero-trip-loops, performance prediction, etc.

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