A Study of Dragons, East and West (Asian Thought and - download pdf or read online

By Qiguang Zhao

ISBN-10: 0820417580

ISBN-13: 9780820417585

Few symbols saturate human civilization so extensively and carefully as these of the ever-present and enigmatic dragon. This compelling ebook examines, compares, and analyzes the looks and symbolization of the jap and Western dragons and treats them because the crystallization of human cultures. It exhibits that chinese language dragons resemble each other yet recommend various rules in numerous contexts, whereas Western dragons have various appearances yet frequently denote a unmarried proposal. As some of the most impressive achievements of dragonology, this ebook deals remarkable new insights into dragons as zoological «fact», mental archetypes, and ideological symbols.

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A Study of Dragons, East and West (Asian Thought and Culture) by Qiguang Zhao

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