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Abae -arum), an old city of Phocis, at the obstacles of Boeotia; celebrated for an old temple and oracle of Apollo, who as a result derived t e surname of Abacus.

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For trees are not cut or pruned without iron blades, and grain is not ground without a pestle, nor heaped up without brushes. Now from these three things gods have been named: Intercidona from the cut made by the hatchet, Pilumnus from the pestle, and Deverra from the brushes, and these guardian gods protect the woman who has just given birth against the power of the god Silvanus. Therefore the protection of the good gods would not be effective against the malice of the harmful one, unless they outnumbered him and fought against his roughness and uncivilised harshness, as an inhabitant of the woods, with the opposing symbols of culture.

And the scheming Lady Hera said to him, ‘Dread son of Cronus, what a thing you are saying! If you wish to make love here on Ida’s peak Where everything is visible to anyone, What if one of the everlasting gods Saw us lying together, and showed the others? Then I could not leave my couch to visit your house, For that would be a very scandalous thing. But if you wish, and if it pleases your heart, You have a chamber, which your own son built, Hephaestus, and fitted stout doors to the posts. Let us lie there, since the bed is your desire’.

Gorgo: Praxinoa, look what a crowd is gathered at the door! 34 Greek and Roman Sexualities: A Sourcebook Praxinoa: Unspeakable. Gorgo, give me your hand. Eunoa, See to Eutychis. Hold on tight or you’ll be lost. We’ll all go in together. Eunoa, stick close to us! Oh no, my summer dress has already been torn! Sir, if you don’t mind, be careful of my gown. Stranger: I can’t help it, but even so, I’ll try my best. Praxinoa: The crowds are pushing and shoving like pigs! Stranger: Ma’am, don’t fear. We’ve come through now.

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