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A primary useful advisor to Fortran ninety through contributors of the X3J3 Committee. this can be a educational on Fortran ninety for programmers and engineers and scientists who paintings with Fortran seventy seven and wish to benefit the seriously revised criteria supplied for in Fortran ninety. lined during this consultant to programming languages are uncomplicated rules, basic programming routines, quite a few examples and difficulties. Written via 4 senior individuals of the ANSI Fortran criteria Committee X3J3, this publication serves as a short resource of data for training execs.

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An allocatable array is declared in a type declaration statement with the attribute ALLOCATABLE. The rank of the array must also be specified in the declaration statement and this can be done by including the appropriate number of colons in the DIMENSION attribute. For example, a two dimensional array could be declared as: 50 Fortran 90 Student Notes Array Processing REAL, DIMENSION(:,:), ALLOCATABLE :: a This form of declaration statement does not allocate any memory space to the array. Space is dynamically allocated later in the program, when the array is required, using the ALLOCATE statement.

Shape (5, 5) ! = REAL, DIMENSION(1:5,1:5) :: rb REAL, DIMENSION(0:,2:), INTENT(OUT) :: rc ! Shape (5, 5) ! = REAL, DIMENSION (0:4,2:6) :: rc . . END SUBROUTINE sub The calling program might include: REAL, DIMENSION (0:9,10) :: ra ! Shape (10, 10) INTERFACE SUBROUTINE sub(ra,rb,rc) REAL, DIMENSION(:,:), INTENT(IN) :: ra,rb REAL, DIMENSION(0:,2:), INTENT(OUT) :: rc END SUBROUTINE sub END INTERFACE . . : PROGRAM array IMPLICIT NONE REAL, ALLOCATABLE, DIMENSION(:,:) :: a REAL :: res INTEGER :: n1 INTERFACE SUBROUTINE sub(a,res) REAL, DIMENSION(:, :), INTENT(IN) :: a REAL, DIMENSION(SIZE(a, 1),SIZE(a, 2)) :: work END SUBROUTINE sub END INTERFACE ...

The use of temporary work arrays is frequently necessary, particularly in numerical analysis. In Fortran 77, this presented serious problems for providers of subroutine libraries, who had to resort to requiring the calling sequence to include the work arrays along with the genuine parameters. The parameter list was further lengthened by the need to pass information about the dimensions of an array. Using dynamic arrays in Fortran 90, this can be achieved with much simplified argument passing: PROGRAM array IMPLICIT NONE REAL, ALLOCATABLE, DIMENSION(:,:) :: a REAL :: res INTEGER :: n1,alloc_stat ...

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