Download e-book for iPad: A Contemplation upon Flowers: Garden Plants in Myth and by Bobby J. Ward

By Bobby J. Ward

ISBN-10: 0585348499

ISBN-13: 9780585348490

ISBN-10: 0881924695

ISBN-13: 9780881924695

An interesting survey of eighty plant genera, with a mess of references to, and extracts from, fable and literature during the a long time. This pleasant ebook will motivate you to examine your personal backyard in a brand new gentle, in accordance with what William Blake or the traditional Romans stated approximately them.

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Yet vainly is the honour won, since hastily her course is run; She blossoms, blooms,she fades,she dies,they who admired, now despise. Page 45 Arum: An Apoplectic Saint in a Niche of Malachite Arums are tuberous herbaceous perennials in the Araceae. Distribution of the twenty-six species is centered around the Mediterranean and reaches eastward to the Himalayas. The plants form an elongated spadix, a sort of spike, bearing flowers and a surrounding spathe, a modified leaf. They produce bright orange to red berries and have arrow-shaped leaves.

In "The Triad" of 1828 William Wordsworth described the dance muse wearing a windflower, a flower that also symbolizes the muse (the nine muses were inspirational goddesses of the arts and sciences, the daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, the goddess of memory): But her humility is well content With one floweret (call it not forlorn) Flower of the Winds, beneath her bosom worn Yet more for love than ornament. Thomas Edward Brown, writing in the late 1800s in part 7 of "Clevedon Verses," also described the anemone as a humble, shy flower: In Norton Wood the sun was bright, In Norton Wood the air was light, And meek anemonies, Kissed by the April breeze, Were trembling left and right.

Amurensis, which blooms in late winter with long-lasting flowers, is most often found in the garden in its various cultivated forms, typically with yellow or orange petals that are bronze on the outside. Adonis is distributed in Eurasian temperate regions. The genus name evokes the Greek youth Adonis, who has come to symbolize youthful male beauty. According to Greek mythology, Aphrodite (Venus in Roman mythology), the goddess of love and beauty, was in love with Adonis. But Ares was in love with Aphrodite and jealously plotted the "accidental" death of Adonis.

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