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A better half to Greek Literature offers a entire advent to the big variety of texts and literary varieties produced within the Greek language over the process a millennium starting from the sixth century BCE as much as the early years of the Byzantine Empire.

• positive factors contributions from a variety of verified specialists and rising students of Greek literature
• bargains complete assurance of the various genres and literary varieties produced via the traditional Greeks--including epic and lyric poetry, oratory, historiography, biography, philosophy, the radical, and technical literature
• contains readings that deal with the construction and transmission of historic Greek texts, ancient reception, person authors, and masses extra
• Explores the topic of historic Greek literature in leading edge methods

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Tri bu te [phoros] was im posed on G rcccc. (Pausa n ia s i . 9) Su ch a universal imposition of tax es up on th e a rea, many parts of whi ch wer e still technicall y "free ," has been d oubted by some schola rs, wh o have preferred to arg ue that taxes were laid only on th e losers in th e Achaean War. The few fra gm ents of evid ence for official taxati on in Greece between 146 BC and th e crea tion of th e provin ce do ind eed appear " to appl y only to a reas hostil e to R om e a nd thus under th e jurisdicti on of \ th e M aced oni an govern or; other regions in Greece a re th en assume d to have been pulled into a tribute-p ayin g relationship, eith er during th e first century BC or at latest und er Au gu stu s.

In bri ef, he a rg ues that a b undance of population (polyandria) wa s con side red desirable, sca rcity of peopl e (oligantlzropia) an unmitiga ted evil; /Jolyandria represented prosperity a nd streng th , oliganthropia th e sad reverse of military weakness a nd politi cal in significance. Th is bip olar division of " good " a nd " bad" sta tes of bein g d evelop ed in to a freq ue n t lit erary d evice; for exa mple, the em phasis in Plu tarch 's De defectu oraculorum (q uo ted a bove) up on th e loss of" men a t arms" is telling .

Disillu sionm ent with th e co nd ition of Greece, frequently voiced by visito rs, m ust also be a tt rib uted in part to th e mistak en expec ta tions of th ese ex ternal viewer s. Greece's repu tati on some times left it better in th e tellin g than in th e ac tua l viewing, as th e victo rio us ge ne ra l of th e Third M aced oni an \Va r, Aemilius Paullus, may ha ve found : " Pa ullus decid ed to em ploy th e beginning of thi s season travellin g a bou t Greece a nd seeing th e sigh ts whi ch a re made so famo us by repute th at th ey are greater by hearsay th an by visua l acquaintance" (Livy 45.

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