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In my life never saw I a whoreson like this slave; and he saith this is but a half lie! How, then, if he had told me a whole lie? " Then in his fury he went to the Governor, and they gave me a neat thing in the bastinado-line and made me eat stick till I was lost to the world and a fainting fit came on me; and, whilst I was yet senseless, they brought the barber who docked me and gelded me[FN#102] and cauterised the wound. " Then he took me and sold me at a profit, for that I was become an eunuch.

O Cassia spray! ) by thee? Wondrouser still I tell thee aye that I * Am trapped while never up to trap thou be! Ne'er grant my prayer! " They abode in this state a long time, and fear kept Ghanim aloof from her. So far concerning these two; but as regards the Lady Zubaydah, when, in the Caliph's absence she had done this deed by Kut al-Kulub she became perplexed, saying to herself, "What shall I tell my cousin when he comes back and asks for her? " "O my lady," quoth the old crone, "the time of the Caliph's return is near; so do thou send for a carpenter and bid him make thee a figure of wood in the form of a corpse.

I rejoined, "By Allah, thou canst do nothing of the kind with me, O my lord, for thou boughtest me with my blemish; and there are honest men to bear witness against thee that thou didst so accepting the condition, and that thou knewest of my fault which is to tell one lie every year. ", cried my master, "O most accursed of slaves, is this all of it but a half lie? Verily if it be a half lie 'tis a whole calamity! " "By Allah," rejoined I, if thou free me, I will not free thee till my year is completed and I have told thee the half lie which is left.

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